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what are the key aspects for lead generating contact form

Why we need contact form in our website?

It is the easiest way for a potential customer to get in contact with the person behind the best appealing website thus you should make them interesting and best user experience.

On any given landing page, the lead-capture form is the most crucial element. Without the form, lead generation simply wouldn't be possible from website.Therefore, the form is the main focus of your landing page, since the ultimate goal is to get your visitors to complete the task.

So,let’s discuss what make your website contact form interesting and how to make.

Placing position:
First let them motivate with your business services shortly adding some information or quotes, it should be appearing on above the contact fields and other thing visitor doesn’t have to scroll down the page in order to see it.

Form Length:

The length of the form act as important role. You may think, the quality of the leads will be higher when visitors fill out more forms fields and provide you with more information about themselves and what they’re looking for actually but in most cases, the lengthy form makes them get bored to fill out all information and possibly they may leave.

A shorter form usually means more people will be willing to fill it out, so you’ll generate more leads. Therefore, shorter forms usually result in more leads, and longer forms will result in fewer.  The crucial factor is to consider the effect of the length of the form on the prospect’s willingness is to fill it out. If it too long prospects are going to stop and estimate whether it is worth their time to complete all of those fields. thereby you need to balance both.


Of course, the next question is, what should those form fields be? What information should I ask for? Oftentimes, companies have forms on their sites that ask for way too much information.Your aim should be to collect enough information through your form to enable you to both contact and eligible the lead.

  • What information you need to ask?

You can use fields such as name and email address, contact information about the lead. It is important to be able to follow up with your newly converted lead so you can put them into your sales direct.  This way is best and easy to convert them into a customer.

Privacy and policies:
Now a day’s people know well about hacks some time that make them to aware thus you need to show your visitors the surety of their credentials. In order to do this, you should link privacy policy page next to the field and use some sort of authority endorsement, third party security certification, or guarantee seal to make sure your website credible share their data.

Smart formatting and design of your contact form have a direct impact on conversion rates, it's absolutely vital that you approach them wisely by using above critical components of fantastic lead capture forms.

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