Friday, 6 January 2017

All about visual Design and UX

Humans are attracted to things that have beautifully design

Visual design in UX:

 The visual in UX concern to the strategically implementing images, colors, fonts, and other elements that enhance, interact and engage users.
 The visual design differs from interaction design. Interaction design focuses on the functionality needed to accomplish a task. Visual design engages users by drawing the eye to the correct functionality, prioritizing tasks on a page through size, color, and the use of whitespace, and even increasing brand trust through the use of visual cues.

Visual and Interface

A well-made interface and is just as an important as visual identity, it can guide users from one action to the next without feeling overbearing. Regardless of what you think of their business practices.

Creating emotional impact:

Don’t make the mistake, thinking that your website is simply a computerized tool. Web sites have the potential to make emotional connections, and if yours don’t your competitors’ will. In fact, people may actually be more prone to forgive your interface’s shortcomings if you produce a positive emotional response.
Visual design and user experience make them to positive thought in your brand standardize company and stay along.


The UI can form links in the user’s mind, communicating messages without saying anything.
By creating the visual design it’s no surprise that how a website looks and affects its success, and attract the new audience. With this concern, it is easy to understand about brand and products it feels via visual communication with an audience.  

Invisible hand:

Great interface design should be like an invisible hand that guides readers along with the speed of thought and give the best user experience.

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