Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to create Sitemap | Ultimez

In our previous article importance of sitemap in SEO, we have discussed integral part regards how essential it is to have sitemap for your business, Here in this post, you will come across an essential elements on how to create sitemap

Here is how! There are number of free tools available to create sitemap online but I prefer this tool :

How to: Visit the website à enter address of your site à choose frequency and then click on start; your sitemap will be generated with number of pages your website contains.

sitemap URL looks like this


in case if you have a multilingual website, it looks like


How to submit sitemap:

To submit sitemap on Google, you must first download both files (HTML and XML) and upload to your website, once uploading is done, copy sitemap URL (looks like as mentioned above)

Here is more detail view on XML and HTML sitemap

Now visit Google webmaster tool, select property (if you added multiple properties) go to crawl and sitemap (from drop down menu) and submit your XML sitemap URL to Google.  Now Google will show you if any errors needs to fix up. 

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